When you contact A.P. Enterprises, the job you hire us for will be done to your exact specifications. Our Services include snow management, de-icing, and asphalt paving as well as repairs, catch basins, curb installation and repairs, only to name a few. Contact us today at (585) 216-2080, and we can dispatch an estimator to provide you with a free estimate!

A.P. Enterprises Property Services!

A.P. Enterprises was founded in 1990 and has proudly been serving Rochester for over 20 years. We are trained and fully experienced in a full array of all season services. Which includes: Snow Management & De-Icing, Asphalt Paving & Repairs, Catch Basins, Curb Repairs & Installations, Drainage & Piping, Landscaping, Welding, Metal Fabrication and much more.
AP is committed to creating long-term relationships by maintaining high standards of quality and service. We value our clients and strive to offer unparalleled value with every job we undertake. No matter the size or scope of your project, we'll work our hardest to complete it on time, within budget, and in a manner that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. AP strives on 100% customer satisfaction. We provide clients with exceptional customer care. Around the clock ~ Around the season, we are there to meet your specific needs. We look forward to serving you soon. Please call to set up a free estimate today! (585) 216-2080

We currently have over 136 pieces of equipment- including 68 front end wheel loaders. We maintain a fleet containing skid steers, backhoes, mini excavators, and much more. Every piece of equipment we purchase comes back to the shop and is completely refurbished by our team before putting it into service. CASE- is the only brand we use. There isn't a job A.P. can't handle

Portfolio: A.P. Enterprises is proud to offer routine services for the following businesses:
  • Home Depot™
  • Harris RF Communications™
  • Wal-Mart™
  • BJ's™
  • Lowe's™
  • Flaum Properties™
  • DiMarco Group™
  • Xerox™
  • Target™
  • Wendy's™
  • Sam's Club™

A.P. Enterprises strives for 100% customer satisfaction and we believe every customer should receive the top quality workmanship they expect from a provider! Around the clock and Around the season, A.P. Enterprises is there to meet your needs and exceed your expectations! Please call us today to set up a free estimate today! (585) 216-2080

A.P Enterprises is "Clearing a Path For A Cure"

Since July of 2011 A.P. Enterprises has celebrated it's Breast Cancer fundraiser event "Loads of Love". In that first event we unveiled our most unusual piece of construction equipment in an effort to bring awareness to what we believe is an amazingly important cause. The team at A.P. created brilliant, pink, 39,000 lb wheel loader with anticipation of sending it all over the region.
"Pinky" has been to Webster's Fireman's Carnival, to the Churchville Fire Department Carnival as well as the Garden Factory/Strong Museum and the Blood Drive in Ontario.

“Now that I'm in a position in my life where I can afford to give back, I want to give back. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, however I lost an aunt to the disease, and I have other relatives who are survivors." A.P. Enterprises is “clearing a path for a cure”.

Upcoming Events in 2016!

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