When you contact A.P. Enterprises, the job you hire us for will be done to your exact specifications. Our Services include snow management, de-icing, and asphalt paving as well as repairs, catch basins, curb installation and repairs, only to name a few. Contact us today at (585) 216-2080, and we can dispatch an estimator to provide you with a free estimate!

A.P. Enterprises Knows how to Clean-Up and We Own the Equipment to Get it Done!

Heavy Equipment/Parking Lot Clean-Up

We currently have over 136 pieces of equipment- including 68 front end wheel loaders. We maintain a fleet containing skid steers, backhoes, excavators, and much more. Every piece of equipment we purchase comes back to the shop and is completely refurbished by our team before putting it into service. CASE- is the only brand we use. There isn't a job A.P. can't handle. A.P. has the equipment at your disposal with professional, trained operators.

Parking Lot Cleanups

Whether your business requires daily litter pickup left by patrons in lots, patios, or on the sidewalks or other cleaning aspects such as concrete/asphalt cleaning and repair.

A.P. will ensure the entire property is clean including the sidewalks, entrances, and the landscape. Most companies have janitorial companies taking care of the inside of their buildings, but the outside of the buildings and grounds can sometimes be overlooked. The outside of your building is what potential customers and clients see first. Make sure you make a great first impression. We will make sure we completely understand your expectations. This is important because we know that every businesses needs are different and may want a different level of clean -- some may prefer every nook to be free of debris while others may just want a quick brush down (or hose off). Whatever your preference, A.P. is here to serve you.

Emergency Disaster Relief

We have worked in areas devastated by the likes of Super Storm Sandy and know what is required to clean up and begin to rebuild devastated communities.
dump truck — AP Enterprise, NY
parking lot — AP Enterprise, NY
backhoe — AP Enterprise, NY